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Visionary Technologies : Epson's "Waste Ink Pad Error " Solved

Visionary Technologies : Epson's "Waste Ink Pad Error " Solved: So after years of struggling with HP cartridge printer we finally settled for Epson SX135 hoping it was going to save me the headache o...

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pat Robertson implies that LGBT people are the new Illuminati (via Raw Story )

Former Republican presidential candidate and longtime television preacher Pat Robertson implied on “The 700 Club” Wednesday that LGBT people are covertly out to destroy the family, the church and the state, in the vein of the Illuminati of the French revolutionary war. “It has been said that…

Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Kenyan Fourth President's Speech

• Your Excellency Hon.Mwai
Kibaki, C.G.H., M.P.;
• Your Excellency Daniel arap
• Your Excellencies, Visiting
Heads of State & Government;
• Chief Justice Willy Mutunga;
• All our Invited Guests;
• Fellow Kenyans,
Let me begin by thanking all
Heads of State present and the
representatives of Heads of
State for choosing to be here as
a symbol of your continued
support and goodwill towards
I particularly note, with
gratitude, the large presence of
our brothers and sisters from
across the continent. This is a
clear indication of your
commitment to the Pan-African
agenda. You have bestowed a
great honor on me and our
country by being here. On
behalf of the Kenyan people I
welcome all of you to Kenya.
Karibuni Sana!
Let me also acknowledge with
gratitude and respect the
distinguished service of my
predecessors. President Mwai
Kibaki, a true statesman and a
great leader who over the past
10 years has laid a firm
foundation for the future
prosperity of our country.
Asante sana Mzee. Shukrani
nyingi sana.
I pay tribute also to former
President Moi who is with us
today and thank him for his
years of leadership and
dedication to our nation. Asante
With humility and respect, I
acknowledge and pay tribute to
the memory of my father, the
late founding father of our
nation, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.
May he and his fellow architects
of liberation in Kenya and Africa
as a whole rest in peace with
the knowledge that this
generation is committed to
fulfilling their dreams of for our
nation and our continent.
I would like to thank all my
worthy opponents in the
recently completed presidential
election. Every one of you
helped define and make stronger
our democracy. Because of you,
Kenyans had real choices.
Because of you, Kenyans felt
free to exercise their sovereign
will. Thank you all.
In an open and free democracy,
there is a vital role for a vibrant
opposition that helps to hold the
Government to account. Kenya
is such a democracy, and as
President I will respect that role
just as I will champion the right
of every Kenyan to speak their
mind free of fear of reprisal or
Fellow Kenyans,
Our nation has now successfully
navigated the most complex
general election in our history.
Our journey began three years
ago, with the promulgation of a
new constitution, and ended
eleven days ago, with a
landmark Supreme Court
decision. Ours has been an
unusual story. An
unconventional path. We have
been praised and criticized in
turn – depending on who was
telling our story. Yet while some
watched the unfolding national
events with skepticism, resigned
to what they believed was the
inevitability of chaos, others, the
vast majority, looked upon our
nation with a tempered hope;
cheering us on not only because
they believed in us but because
they knew that if Kenya
succeeded they too would
succeed. For all that has been
said of our nation, the records of
history will attest to a number
of undeniable facts.
They will outline the long queues
we made, the long hours we
waited to vote and the historic
voter turnout of these elections.
They will detail the decisions
that the Kenyan media made -
the professionalism and
responsibility with which they
acted. They will remind us of the
fact that we embarked on a feat
that few other countries have
attempted, holding six elections
simultaneously. They will call our
attention to the fact that the
youth were meaningfully
engaged in the entire electoral
period and that the political
consciousness of Kenyans was at
an all time high. They will list
and honor the individuals,
institutions and service
organizations that played a
strong role in this defining
chapter of our nation’s history.
They will contrast our
accomplishments, with the fact
that Kenya ventured into multi-
party politics only 20 years ago
further strengthening and
entrenching our democracy.
When the records remind us of
these truths, we will recognize
that at the end of the day, it is
the indomitable spirit of the
Kenyan people; their
commitment to peace; their
desire for progress and their
respect for the rule of law - that
was the true headline of this
election story.
Where systems failed, Kenyans
did not. Where decisions were
delayed and ambiguity prevailed,
Kenyans were patient – seeking
and waiting for clarity. Where
contentious issues arose to stir
up dissent, Kenyans exercised
restraint; peacefully sought
redress and submitted
themselves again to the
constitution and the rule of law
– united in the belief that God’s
judgment would guide that of
Today, I am humbled and
honouredhonoured to accept the
mantle of leadership that the
people of Kenya have bestowed
on me. I will lead all Kenyans –
those who voted for me – and
those who voted for our
competitors – towards a national
prosperity that is firmly rooted
in a rich and abiding peace in
which unity can ultimately be
realized. Peace is not simply
about the absence of violence. It
is defined by the presence of
fundamental liberties and the
prevalence of economic
opportunities. We will not settle
for a perfunctory peace that is
disrupted every five years by an
election cycle. Rather, we are
calling and working towards a
permanent peace, through which
democracy is glorified rather
than undermined. A peace that
fosters unity.
Indeed, national unity will only
be possible if we deal decisively
with some of the issues that
continue to hinder our progress.
It will come through job
creation. It will be founded on
economic growth. It will be
strengthened by a globally
competitive education system:
by the building of more schools
across the nation and by
ensuring that we have well
thought out curricula that
prepares our children for the
challenges and opportunities of
the 21st century. It will be
upheld when all citizens are able
to access affordable healthcare
and protect themselves, and
their children, from preventable
diseases that still wage war on
our populace.
It will be strengthened through
the promotion of public-private
partnerships and through the
creation of a friendly and
enabling environment for
business. It will be reflected in
our men and women working
side by side as equals to move
our country forward. It will be
realized when we become a
food-secure nation by investing
in and modernizing the
agricultural sector by equipping
it with the relevant information
and technology that it needs to
grow. It will be confirmed when
the rights of all citizens are
protected through legislation
that upholds the spirit of our
constitution. When women and
young people are both seen and
heard at the decision-making
table, at national as well as
devolved levels of government.
When all communities in Kenya
are confident that they have a
Government that listens to and
addresses their needs.
Achieving peace and
strengthening unity will be the
goal of my Government.
This work begins now. We
welcome all Kenyans to hold us
to account.
Within the first one hundred
days – we will ensure that
maternity fees are abolished and
that all citizens of Kenya are
able to access government
dispensaries and health centers
free of charge. Within the first
one hundred days, we will
develop a framework to direct
the 6 billion Kenya Shillings
previously allocated for the
election run-off towards
establishing a new Youth and
Women Fund that will be open to
the youth and women from
every part of this country.
Within the first one hundred
days, we will put measures in
place to ensure that all
students, joining class one next
year, within the public school
system receive a laptop. We
made a promise to our children
and we will keep it because we
believe that early exposure to
technology will inspire future
innovation and be a catalyst for
growth and prosperity.
Fellow Kenyans,
My government will immediately
begin the process of supporting
devolution and enabling county
leadership to carry out their
constitutional mandate and
fulfill the pledges they made to
the Kenyan people. Let us all be
clear - supporting devolution is
not a choice, as some claim it to
be - it is a duty. A constitutional
duty. One that I have sworn to
uphold. Our constitution does
not suggest devolution, it
demands it. I urge all Kenyans
to be persistent, pragmatic,
patient and non-partisan, as we
pursue the promise of devolved
Fellow Kenyans,
Dealing with unemployment will
be a priority for my government.
We are committed to creating
jobs and opportunities for our
people - especially our young
people. We will do this, by
creating an enabling
environment for the private
sector. We will harness the gifts
and talents of our youth, in
order to enable sports and
entertainment providers earn a
profitable livelihood and make
Kenya a global leader in these
areas. We will make the
procurement process faster,
more accessible, and
transparent. We will simplify the
process of starting and running
a business ,business, in order to
make it friendly and cost-
effective to do business in
Kenya. We will expand electricity
generation, extend the
transmission network and
ensure that electricity supply is
more consistent and reliable. We
will build on the
accomplishments of the last
administration in infrastructure,
by increasing accessibility
through roads and rail networks,
as well as increasing digital
connectivity. To the private
sector, my promise to you is
that we will create an enabling
environment, so that you can
play your part in creating
employment and fostering
economic growth.
Fellow Kenyans,
For too long our nation has
exported jobs that should rightly
belong to our citizens. We have
focused on exporting primary
products, instead of promoting
value addition and
manufacturing finished goods
thereby creating jobs and
improving our standard of living.
Today, I pledge, that my
administration will work towards
diversifying our economic base.
We will support the
manufacturing industry and
support all enterprises, both
local and international, that
strive to create finished goods
using local labour and materials.
I also pledge, that this
Government, as the largest
buyer of goods and services will
take the lead in supporting local
industry, by buying Kenyan first.
I have consulted with Parliament
and on the 16th of April, I will
address both Houses and
announce a detailed government
program and legislative agenda.
Fellow Kenyans,
One of the biggest challenges to
national unity is the feeling of
exclusion in the decision making
process, hence our desire and
need for devolution. That
notwithstanding, my
commitment to Kenya is that
our national Government shall
and will reflect the true face of
Kenya, with the clear
understanding that as we bring
decision making and services
closer to the people, the
integrity and solidarity that
binds us as citizens of one
nation, must not only remain,
but must be strengthened.
I am equally committed to
ensuring that interests of
women and the interests of
young people are represented in
my government. A department
in my office will be dedicated to
ensuring that the interests of
these groups not only inform
every decision I make as
President, but also those of
every department and
government ministry. Our doors
will always be open. We will
never turn a deaf ear to the
needs of any person or group.
We will leave no community
Fellow Kenyans
To achieve these goals and to
achieve Vision 2030, we must be
responsible stewards of our
natural resources. In light of
this - my commitment and the
commitment of the Government
will be to support the National
Land Commission as they seek
to provide the land answer. My
government will strive to work
with all actors to ensure that
the issue of land will never again
be a contentious or a divisive
subject but rather that land will
be seen as what it truly is, a
factor of production.
I also promise that we will
exploit our natural resources in
a way that benefits the current
generation while safeguarding
the interests of generations to
come. I want to assure all
Kenyans that we shall use all
the money that comes from
natural resources for
development programs.
Fellow Kenyans
We will ensure that the harmony
we are striving for extends to
the environment. It is our
heritage. It is our duty as
guardians and custodians of that
heritage to protect it for future
generations. Indeed, my
government will strike a decisive
blow against all those that
threaten it. My fellow Kenyans,
poaching and the destruction of
our environment has no future
in this country. The
responsibility to protect our
environment belongs not just to
the Government, but to each
and every one of us. We will do
all this, and more. Where there
is uncertainty, we will revive
confidence in the government’s
ability to protect its citizens.
Where there is disillusionment –
we will restore hope. Where
there is opportunity denied - we
will open new frontiers, and
through our actions, we will
renew our faith in government
as an instrument of good.
Let me reiterate that even as we
work together to promote
inclusion, open new frontiers
and create new opportunities,
we will not tolerate those who
continue to threaten the peace
and security of our citizens.
Criminals, cattle rustlers, drug
barons and agents of terror, who
disrupt the peace of our society,
will be met with the full force of
the law and the strength of
Kenya’s Security Forces. On this
matter, we are resolute.
To our men and women in
uniform, I say, this nation is
indebted to you.
You continue to lay down your
lives in service, protecting
Kenyans from threats both
external and internal. My
government will continue to
work with you and do all that is
in its power to support you as
you continue in your noble duty.
To our sister countries in the
region - we understand that our
future is joined to yours. Our
peace is linked to the security
and stability of the region. We
deployed our armed forces to
Somalia because terrorism and
piracy affects all of us. Indeed in
the last two decades, Kenya has
invested immense diplomatic
energy and resources in the
quest for a stable Somalia. Our
commitment to fight terrorism
and eradicate piracy will remain
a central pillar of my
government’s policy on peace
and security.
As President, I will work with the
international community to
strengthen its support for IGAD
and the AU peace process in
Somalia because a stable and
prosperous Somalia is in the
interest of all nations.
My fellow Kenyans
The future of Kenya depends not
only on our National Unity but
also on deepening our bonds
with our brothers and sisters in
East Africa and Africa as a
whole. It is with this unity that
we will prosper and truly deliver
on the promise of independence
and liberation from our colonial
past. My administration is
therefore committed to regional
trade and cooperation and will
continue to strengthen ties
through the free movement of
people, goods and investment,
including the removal of tariff
and non-tariff barriers to trade
within the EAC. My goal is to see
the continued growth of our
community towards ultimate
As Kenya celebrates its Jubilee
year of freedom and
independence, Africa too marks
slightly over 50 years since the
fall of colonialism. The
breakaway from colonialism has
not been easy. Indeed it has
been fraught with great
challenges and setbacks.
Without fail however, the
trajectory of our recent history,
in Kenya as in Africa, has been
one of great hope, renewed
progress and palpable
determination. Africa, Ladies and
Gentlemen, is on the rise. Kenya
sees herself as an integral part
of this exciting awakening. The
great renaissance spoken of a
mere 20 years ago is upon us.
Across the continent evidence of
renewal and growth is
everywhere, built on the bedrock
of rising self-confidence, a
growing educated, youthful
population and God given
abundance of natural wealth and
To the Nations of Africa and The
African Union – we assure you
that in Kenya, you will continue
to have a partner and an ally. If
we stand together in solidarity I
am confident that we will find
the strength to thrive and
innovate solutions that work for
us. Of course, we join you in
continuing to insist on relating
with all nations as equals - not
As partners, not subordinates. In
our history as nations, we have
seen some of the most ardent
promoters of ideals of national
sovereignty and democracy
sometimes fail to live by the
principles they espouse, but let
us remember that their failure
does not justify ours.
To the nations of the world – we
acknowledge that in this age of
globalization, all of us are
interdependent. Our economies
are interconnected as indeed are
our people. I pledge to continue
cultivating the relationships we
have had with our traditional
trade partners and I say to all
developing and developed
nations who desire a deeper and
more mutually beneficial
relationship with Kenya: we are
ready for partnerships, we are
open for business and we invite
you to invest in our country. I
also want to remind the
International Community that
for the last fifty years, Kenya
has been one of the most
engaged members and one of
the most prolific co-authors of
international treaties and
I assure you again that under
my leadership, Kenya will strive
to uphold our international
obligations, so long as these are
founded on the well-established
principles of mutual respect and
Central to our continued
contribution to the international
community, will be the
understanding that the world is
made up of many countries,
cultures, political experiences
and world-views. We must
remember that no one country
or group of countries should
have control or monopoly on
international institutions or the
interpretation of international
treaties. While each state has a
right to its own view, it must
respect the fact that it holds
just one view amongst many in
the community of nations.
Fellow Kenyans,
Today, work begins. The time
has come, not to ask what
community we come from but
rather what dreams we share.
The time has come not to ask
what political party we belong to
but rather what partnerships we
can build.
The time has come to ask, not
who we voted for, but what
future we are devoted to. Fellow
Kenyans we must move forward
together. Let us remember that
although we are may not be
bound together by ethnicity, or
cultural practices or religious
conviction – our kinship rests
solidly upon the fact that we
have all been adopted by
Kenya’s borders; we are all
children of this nation, we are all
bound to one constitution which
calls us to rise above our
individual ideologies and march
to our national anthem.
That anthem reminds us of the
fundamental principles upon
which our prosperity must be
built. It calls us to reflect on the
power of peace; to recall the
supreme value of freedom; to
believe, once more, in the
beauty of service and
brotherhood; to aspire each day,
to the dignity that results from
hard work, and to contend for
the hope that justice brings.
Brothers and sisters; Fellow
Kenyans – let us move forward,
together, in the spirit of our
anthem and in the spirit of our
constitution being confident
that if we turn neither to the
left nor to the right of our
national values, we, as a people,
will see the promised land of
prosperity that our forbearers
set out for.
God bless you, God bless the
Republic of Kenya and God bless


Saturday, 6 April 2013

How To Get Someone's IP Address on Windows XP or Windows 8

Well just discovered this through the help of a close blog I follow! How to get a facebook user’s IP address .Does it sound geeky? Honestly I love it!  You won’t believe it, it SIMPLE! VERY SIMPLE!

Now be attentive. I just need your attention and you gonna do this in the next second.
Clear your browser cache before login to facebook,orkut,google talk or.
Check who is online and iniate a chat.
Click start button ( assuming you are using windows 7 or Xp)
Type”command prompt” in the search box.
Launch command prompt and you will have something like this

Run this command “netstat n” and voila, you gona get all the established IP addresses

How they Steal Your Ip Address On Facebook

Facebook is gaining more users day by day, the technology is changing dynamically and most don’t want to be left behind.  Truly, if you haven’t joined facebook in this century, then you’re the only man in the mars. I have seen most joining facebook day by day, the old and young not left behind either. The tempation to join the largest social network is irresistible.  But this has worried me a lot watching how people are careless with friend requests, clicking on links without giving second thoughts. It forced me to do this article

I believe this second article is also timely and meant to give you the red signals while using not only facebook but other social networks like Twitter, Google+, Linkedn, etc. I am pretty sure that during your lifetime on facebook, perhaps you have come across people masquerading as sellers and most of the time they may request to have intimate relationship with you. Some promise to give you tutorials on how to change your facebook themes to different colors. Well, without going into much details of this, I believe you have come across such scenarios. In this article , I just going to illustrate how hackers may get your IP address without realizing.

Yes, IP address! Not many are conversant with this term save for few tech-savvy individuals. Well having access to your IP address details may not be necessarily a security risks as such but it may give good leads to hackers especially if you don’t have a strong firewall installed and turned on. Most OS offer firewall protection as such son you will need to install an anti-virus which offer these services as a package. Talk of avast, Eset, Norton or any other, they are just as good.

I don’t wanna digress that much, so I will stay within the scope of this piece.  Right away, I am gona show you how the links you click from strangers may turn out to be the worst bait. I am talking of strangers, yes those whom you can’t recognize in terms of high school,or college friends. They belong to no category at all.

<b> How they nail you down</b>
This method involves sending a unique link to a facebook user, and when the user clicks on the link, his/her IP address will be seen. Check the following steps how they do it:

  1. Visit this page <a href=’’>TestIP</a>
You will get 3 fields for;
<b>Link for Person</a>
      The link sent to you
<b>Redirect Link</b>(optional)
You will be directed to this url after click.

<b> Link for You</b>
Used to check whether you clicked the link

They enter the redirect url (e.g
They copy the link from “Link for person” and send it to you via message or timeline post.
They copy and have the url from”Link for You” and check it frequently. Should you click the link, your IP address will be revealed to them! Whoah! Just imagine letting thugs know your house number? You should be scared. Let me get your reactions below.